Biggdesing Bronze Bangle Bracelet for Male

Manufacturer: BiggDesign
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Anatolia's rich, inspired by creative icon designed by Gamze Serdaroğlu Biggdesign seven key men bracelet bronze, loved ones can get to one of the most authentic jewelry design gifts. Anatolia each corner of taking inspiration from the historical motifs present with separate designed wristband, preferred by men with an original design ... Serdaroğlu inspired by the unique stone carving in the Mardin region in madrasas, monasteries, mansions carrying the jewelry world, one of the most unique pieces of jewelry that you might encounter it is signing.  Anatolian motifs that are part of your daily look trendy bronze bracelet, both casual, classic combinations of both men can be complete it manages to be one of the favorite accessories. One of the wristbands that you can gift to your loved ones a special gift, birthday, wedding anniversary or you can get for Christmas.  Oxidized bronze details produced using motifs, combined with a fetching leather wristband portion emerges stylish and modern image. with a design that you will use every man fondly leather bracelets of different ages, from the most private parts of your daily look trendy ... 100% real leather and bronze. Bracelet measure is 21 cm.

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