MILK&MOO Steel Kids Water Bottle with Bag Jungle Friends 550ml / 18.5 oz

Manufacturer: Milk&Moo
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Milk&Moo Steel Kids Water Bottle with Bag Jungle Friends 550ml / 18.5 oz

With the specially designed Jungle Friends water bottle by Milk&Moo, your little ones' beverage consumption will be even more enjoyable! The Jungle Friends steel kids water bottle is an ideal option for young children to carry and consume their healthy drinks. This bottle is made from durable and high-quality stainless steel material, keeping your beverage fresh and tasty.

SAFE AND HEALTHY: This steel water bottle prioritizes your children's health by being made from materials free of BPA and other harmful chemicals. You can safely carry your beverage and ensure your child consumes their drinks in a healthy way.

FUN AND COLORFUL BAG DESIGN: The product's stylish and fun design attracts children's attention while also being practical and convenient. With its lightweight structure, adjustable strap, and various color and pattern options to suit your child's style, the bag allows children to easily carry the bottle and keep their small belongings in the small zippered pocket.

3 TYPES OF CAPS: The steel water bottle comes with three types of caps, making it convenient for your kids to consume both cold and hot beverages. The straw design allows easy consumption of cold drinks, while the thermos cap and cup design allow comfortable consumption of hot beverages.

LEAKPROOF CAP: The bottle's cap design is leak-proof, minimizing the risk of spills and leakage. This feature prevents liquid from seeping into the bag or onto other belongings.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Designed to reduce the harmful effects of single-use plastic bottles. With this refillable water bottle, you decrease your impact on the environment and instill sustainable habits in your children.

The steel kids water bottle with a bag is a perfect choice for taking to school, picnics, travels, or any outdoor activities. You can fill it with water, fruit juice, milk, or any other beverage.

With the steel kids water bottle filled with healthy drinks, your child can safely consume their beverage. Its durable structure ensures a long lifespan, accompanying your child in their daily life.

Get the "Jungle Friends Steel Kids Water Bottle" now and make your children's drinking experience more enjoyable! *Compatible with our Jungle Friends collection.


• 3+ YEARS

• 12 hours hot / 24 hours cold insulation • Free of BPA • Leak-proof • No odor • Food-grade silicone • Stainless steel, 100% recyclable product • Hanging bag with zippered front pocket detail • Easy-to-open silicone straw head with a single touch • Cup lid • Special character print of Jungle Friends


• Inner SS 304 + Outer SS 201 • Size: 20.5 x 8 cm / 8x3 in • Capacity: 550 ml / 18.5 oz

Package Contents:

• 3 types of caps • 1 water bottle • 1 bottle bag

Care and Usage:

• Should be used under adult supervision for young children. • Clean the cup with warm water and neutral detergent before use. • Please avoid putting very hot beverages in the bottle. • For babies, the temperature should be tested before use. • When adding boiling water, the cup should not be too full as it may overflow. • Do not put in the microwave, dishwasher, or oven. • Avoid drops, collisions, or strong impacts, as they can cause changes in the bottle's body. • Use warm water and neutral detergent for cleaning, avoiding the use of chemical cleaning agents, etc. • Attention should be paid to not using the bottle with very hot beverages.

Designed in Turkey.

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