Oilwise Anti-Stretch Mark Cream

Manufacturer: Oilwise
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The most effective solution to the frequently encountered skin problem is to support the regeneration of the skin tissue by using regular Anti-Stretch Mark Cream. It contains essential and cold pressed oils such as cocoa butter, shea butter, lavender oil, beeswax, jojoba oil, sesame oil and macadamia nut oil, as well as active vitamin E (tocopherol), which is obtained naturally and benefits the skin. This powerful ingredient protects your skin against external factors while helping to maintain moisture balance. Macaroon oil contains squalene substance which is produced naturally in the body and has an important effect on removing skin imperfections. As we age, the release of this substance in the skin slows down and while the special formula of macaroon fights against stretch marks, it also prevents the formation of new stretchs by locking the moisture into the skin. Cocoa butter, on the other hand, supports the skin renewal properties of macadamia oil. Shea butter, which is widely used in Africa, consisting of walnut-sized fruit, rich in vitamin A and vitamin E, is a miraculous factor to quickly repair stretch marks while maintaining the moisture balance of the skin. Its best partner, Jojoba oil, prevents your skin from drying and helps it regain its healthy glow. Meet the Oilwise Anti-Stretch Mark Cream, which is equipped with special rich oils in order to repair these marks on your skin and prevent the formation of new ones, and enjoy the effect it creates on your skin with regular use!

How to use?
Apply by massaging to increase the absorption of your cream by your skin. Suitable for use on your body and face. Especially if you add the use of cream to your night care ritual, you can provide intensive moisture care to your skin areas that are dry during your sleep and start the day with your skin that has a silky softness in the morning.

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