Oilwise Skin Firming Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil

Manufacturer: Oilwise
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By applying the best care to your skin, you can have a tight and smooth skin that preserves its form over the years. Thanks to the Oilwise Skin Firming Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil obtained from 100% natural ingredients and plant extracts, you can recover skin sagging. It contains essential and cold-pressed oils such as olive oil, orange peel oil, lavender oil, cedarwood oil and coconut oil, as well as active vitamin E (tocopherol) that benefits the skin.

This powerful ingredient helps to maintain moisture balance while protecting your skin against external factors. With the English lavender oil (Lavandula angustifolia) in your massage oil, you can feel the feeling of happiness all day long and calm your body and skin. With the permanent lavender breeze on your skin, you protect your mind and body from the stress during the day. Orange peel oil, on the other hand, is the most effective peeling that gently cleanses and smoothes blackheads on your skin. Since it is rich in vitamin C, it tightens the skin and makes it look healthy, vibrant and tight. The essential essence of your winter care is coconut oil. In addition to its excellent moisturizing effect, vitamin E in its content prevents your skin from wrinkling over time.

Add Oilwise Skin Firming Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil reinforced with the vitamins your skin needs to your daily care ritual and discover the difference with your tightening skin!

How to use?
Take some massage oil in your palm and apply it by massaging. Meet your smooth and tightened skin thanks to natural herbal extracts.


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