Serenk Excellence 2 Piece Granite Pan Set

Manufacturer: Serenk
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SERENK PAN SET: Serenk non stick pan set includes 1 frying pan and 1 always pan. They are made from high-grade granite reinforced with special material PTFE to be more durable, more functional and technically superior. Therefore, Serenk pots and pans are safe, non-toxic, nonstick and long-lasting. This technology prevents sticking and provides a perfect surface. Creates a flavor layer, adds elegance in presentation and gives it easy-to-clean feature.

COOKWARE SET: Frying Pan is 1.90 qt, 10 in, 26 cm. Egg Pan is 1 qt, 8 in, 20 cm. You can fry an egg in it, roast a chicken, or sauté veggies or fish. Great for stir fries and other casserole dishes. Has a flat bottom so it won't move around on your stove and the oil doesn't pool. You would love to see an additional grip to help with emptying the contents. The small handles make it easy to store, to move the pan on the stove and wash in the sink.

EXTRA THICK BOTTOM: Serenk skillet set have extra strong, encapsulated thermal base as 4.5 mm thickness for good heat distribution and heat retention. Once hot, food stays hot when stove is on low. Distribute the heat very well, and do not require a high heat setting in order to cook. The heat goes all the way up the sides. They take much less heat and much less time to make a delicious meal and that is cooked perfect. Preserve vitamins, minerals and aroma.

EASY TO CLEAN: This pan set is dishwasher safe. They have excellent surface. Even the most stubborn ingredients like thinly sliced mushrooms or diced onions slid right off without leaving any residue. Additionally, the sides of this cookware set has wide curves at the bottom so it makes it easy to stir food and specially to clean the pot after usage. Their steel handles get warm but not exactly hot for good grip.

PANS FOR COOKING: Serenk pot and pan set has a perfectly flat bottom which is important for all types of stove and cooktop. Compatible with gas, electric, glass, ceramic, halogen. Oven safe up to 250 degree however glass lid should not go in the oven. Comes with instructions which is very helpful.

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